The Best Health Tips For Summer

The Best Health Tips For Summer

In today’s article we are going to see some simple changes that will help us to improve our health in the face of autumn:

The best health tips for summer

Reinventing the diet

If there is something we can do to change and improve our health is to change our diet, this involves changing some eating habits and introducing new ones.

An example, start taking each day a bowl of berries: blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc. They will help us load our antioxidant stores, which prevent tissue damage and reduce the risks of age-related diseases. Blueberries and blackberries are especially rich in antioxidants.

A great advantage: berries are also rich in fiber, which keep cholesterol at controlled levels and help prevent some types of cancer.

The Best Health Tips For SummerReduce stress

To improve our stress level, we can plant a small garden, grow some flowers, or if space is very limited, plant some pots both indoor and outdoor.

Only the contact with the earth already makes us disconnect from the speed of this world in which we live, it becomes a way to alleviate the physical and mental stress.


Flossing reduces oral bacteria, which improves the general health of the body, and if oral bacteria are in very low concentrations, our body has the resources to fight bacteria elsewhere.

Carry out an outdoor activity

We will choose an outdoor activity: a walk, take a walk in the nature, cycling, skating, swimming … But if we do not have the possibility to perform an exercise outdoors we can always escape to the gym

We must not forget that the family that plays together not only gets fit, is also a great way to create the time of union.

To take care of the eyes

To protect our vision at work and in sport we must wear glasses. Outdoors, we will wear sunglasses that block at least 99% of ultraviolet A and B rays. Sunglasses prevent cataracts, as well as wrinkles around the eyes.

But not only when we play sports or go to the beach, also to do tasks like mowing the lawn we will wear goggles. It is advisable to find out in a specialist that the type of glasses best suits our needs.

It’s vacation time!

There is no doubt; we must take advantage of the slower pace of summer to improve our health. Vacations have many benefits: They can help us lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones like cortisol, which contributes to a growing waistline and an increased risk of heart disease.

Sleep well

We will try to resist the temptation of staying until later during the summer days. Instead, we will pay attention to sleep hygiene, keeping the same bedtime and waking up and not drinking alcohol for three hours before bedtime.

I wish this would be interesting to you.

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