Breast Cancer Better Not Drink Alcohol

Breast Cancer: Better Not Drink Alcohol

Women with a family history of cancer should try to eliminate or reduce alcohol consumption.

Although to this day drinking a glass of wine a day was not something harmful but was even indicated as beneficial for the body now it turns out that increases in women up to 15% the risk of breast cancer.

This has been confirmed by scientists at the prestigious Harvard University. Of course, they have been directed especially to the people who have in the family some member that has suffered a tumor and more specifically to the women. For these people in particular they have been advised to try to avoid drinking as much as they can.

The study in question, led by Dr. Richard Roope , can be found on the British Medical Journal website .  In this study, several relationships were found; in the case of men it was found that they were more likely to have cancer if alcohol was combined with tobacco (i.e. smokers or men who had smoked at some time in their lives) But in women it did not matter whether they smoked or did not smoke, they all had the same relationship between whether they drank or did not drink and the risk of cancer. Above all breast cancer and with only one drink a day.

Breast Cancer Better Not Drink AlcoholThe study involved nothing more and no less than 88,000 women and 47,000 men, slightly more than twice as many women. It was done with people who drank moderately, that is, less than 15 go which is the same, one or two drinks a day. And on the other hand women who drank 30g a day, that is, 3 or 4 glasses a day of alcohol.

They could also see that consumption between men and women was different. Men drink a lot more. According to statistics drawn from these thousands of people who were part of the study women drink an average of 1.8 g per day and men reach 5.6 g. Which is a very remarkable difference?

As for the relationship between alcohol and cancer there are also differences between men and women. In the case of females it is associated with breast cancer and in males to colorectal.

It is estimated that alcohol consumption has caused 3.6% of all cancers worldwide – 1.7% in women and 5.2% in men.

“According to recent figures, 30% of bowel cancers, 21% of esophageal cancers and 6% of breast cancers in women are associated with alcohol each year. Doctors do not want to be spoilers but we do want our patients to live a long life with quality of life and habits, such as not smoking or drinking alcohol, which are very real risk factors in the development of cancer that cannot be ignored, Said Dr. Richard Roope.

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