Rice crackers ... are they enemies of the diet

Rice crackers … are they enemies of the diet?

Do we know them and do we really know what we eat so they can be useful to us or are we just at the mercy of the popular beliefs and the fear of fat that they often inculcate in consuming this type of food?

In recent years, in fact, rice crackers are increasingly replacing bread. One of the reasons that happen is that people think they are lighter and healthier, and also because of their taste, although, in fact, many say that “it tastes like polystyrene foam “.

You know why? Simply because the technique to produce these types of cookies is the same as the one used to produce the plastic, i.e. the extrusion, only the raw material are not chemical compounds to plasticize but rice grains (or other types of cereals and seeds).

Once in the extruder they are subjected to a temperature above 200 degrees and under enormous pressure. The passage through the machine is fast and then the crushed cereal is expelled through small holes. The difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the machine inflates the cereal and the cookie is already made. Very low moisture, very crunchy and airy compound is obtained, some seasoned with salt before production, others with added flavors or aromas.

This process, however, causes lysine to be lost in cereals (an essential amino acid for the body) and also destroys many of its vitamins, not to mention that at equal weight, cookies have 370 kcal per 100 grams, almost Twice as many calories as whole wheat bread.

 Rice crackers ... are they enemies of the dietThat is, it cannot be considered a food for weight loss as we have many times been able to see in various networks. So if you are taking them with the aim of losing weight you will see that the result is disappointing.

 As a positive I can say that they have a high satiating power since with the same amount of food they can give a feeling of being fuller than if we compare it with bread. This is because unlike bread, do not create bloating. That is why many times are included in diets for weight loss but it is necessary to take into account all the pros and cons.

 Therefore, extrusion makes the starch more digestible, but with a high glycemic index and therefore, should be eaten moderately. Care must be taken because the impact of glycemia in the case of refined rice is quite high. Choose biscuits (and rice) always whole and combined with foods with protein in order to reduce the glycemic index.

In addition we must not forget its content in the powerful carcinogen called acrylamide.

 The German magazine Oekotest examined 20 brands of rice crackers, including 14 from organic farming, and found that almost all products are contaminated with carcinogenic substances such as arsenic, sometimes in large quantities, and acrylamide, in fact, which is the same substance found in potato chips and that is formed in foods during high temperature cooking. In the video that I have left you can see what this substance is and where we can find it.

So if you intend to give up bread to follow a healthier and healthier diet by adding this type of food to your diet you is doing it wrong. It is not a question of eliminating them altogether if you like them, but as I always say, eat with moderation and always taking into account the properties of everything you ingest.

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