Heat And Circulation Problems In The Legs ...

Heat And Circulation Problems In The Legs …

With the heat or the hours that we are standing the problems of circulation of the blood, especially in the lower extremities, are sharpened.

Chronic venous insufficiency makes our legs feel swollen, tired, heavy and congested.

This happens because the cardiovascular system does not act as it should. It is divided into two systems:

  • The arterial system that carries blood from the heart to the periphery where the nutrients pass to the cells.
  • The venous system that collects the residual blood from the tissues, full of waste products, and leads to the heart.

In addition to these systems there is a dense network of lymphatic vessels that serve to collect the sap, which is the liquid that leaves the capillaries to nourish the cells and accumulates in the tissues if it has not been absorbed by the venous system.

There are several factors that can cause circulatory disorders: age, physical inactivity, smoking, weight gain, drinking alcohol, medications such as birth control pills …

These disorders consist of a decrease of the blood flow with the consequent stagnation of the blood, especially in the lower extremities.

The symptoms main ones are: feeling of heaviness in the legs, tingling, burning, cramping, itching and swelling, especially at night.

Heat And Circulation Problems In The Legs ...There are drugs that improve microcirculation and these are mainly composed of flavonoids, the most used are hesperidin, diosmin and oxerutin. These active ingredients have a vasotonic , anti-edema and anti-oxidant action .

Along with these medications there are several natural remedies that, if taken earlier or with the first signs of discomfort, can be very effective.

The escin promotes lymphatic drainage reducing edema by increasing capillary resistance and reducing the activity of enzymes responsible for weakening the structure of blood vessels.

Horse chestnut, rag extract, Asian sparkler, clover, blueberry and red wine all have anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and protective properties.

Another disorder related to venous insufficiency is cellulitis, which mainly affects women. Cellulitis should be treated since its appearance, as it is an inflammation of adipose tissue that can lead to the formation of sclerotic tissue characterized by the presence of small nodules. These, apart from giving the skin the typical appearance of “orange peel”, are painful to the touch.

Needless to say, the increase in temperature causes a greater vasodilation which worsens circulatory disorders. It is important to take action and choose the right products and foods.

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