7 Habits That Make Us Sad

7 Habits That Make Us Sad

There are healthy habits that help us become stronger every day, but there are also habits that are not so good for our well-being. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we must become aware and stop to protect our happiness and put an end to those unhealthy behaviors.

Well said and done! Today you can see if any of these seven habits make you suffer as much as the majority, and fight against them to redirect your lives and be happier:

1) To be offended by what people say?

There will always be people who try to make you feel bad or feel bad about yourself, but what you have to know is that it is your choice to react to your criticism or let it pass. It often happens that if someone treats us this way, trying to hurt us verbally, it is very possible that they are suffering in the depths of their heart. Think about it. If he were a mentally strong person, who does what he loves and is happy with his life; would he need to make someone feel bad? No, the answer is no. That person would want to help you and not make you feel unhappy. So the next time someone tries to insult you in some way, do not take it personally and if they have hurt your words tell a close friend or family member or let it happen. And the most important,

2)  Always be busy

We are living in an age where everyone is always on the run; we are programmed to think that being always busy is something to be proud of. But, are not we getting out of line? Some have forgotten how to relax and are incapable of releasing burdens of their lives, they cannot afford to stop. Constantly thinking about work or their daily tasks. It is essential for our health to give ourselves some free time not only to improve our quality of life but also the quality of our work. Take small breaks an average of every hour during The work, will give us the opportunity to refresh and recharge the energy.

7 Habits That Make Us Sad3) Get the energy of bad routines

Many people are not aware of how their daily routine affects their thoughts. They are so accustomed to the activities they do every day that they forget to stop and reflect on them. We forget to ask ourselves if the rituals we do on a daily basis are really a source of positive energy for us or the reason for our suffering;

If you feel unhappy most of the time tries to watch yourself on a normal day: What parts of your routine would you like to change? What kind of people do you frequent and how do they make you feel? What blogs, magazines or news are you reading and, what do they contribute? It is important to stop to think from time to time what kind of thoughts we are washing our brains and if they enrich us, since the stories we read every day become the way we see the world and the way we live our lives. Remember to leave time not only to distract yourself and to know what is happening, but also for what you like to do and try to spend less time drinking from sources that depress you.

4) Living stuck in the ‘comfort zone’

As we all know the comfort zone is that place where nothing good can grow or probably make us happy. Living caught up in the routine doing the usual activities every day, can make us feel too sad or dissatisfied. But there are ways to get out of that comfort zone. What things have not you tried or are you afraid to do? Challenge yourself to do something different each week; It can be anything from skydiving, going on a trip with an unknown group, a new sport, ordering something different in a restaurant. Everything counts, as long as it is new to you or a little blood is removed.

5) Put on the mask of “serious”

Taking life very seriously can make you feel more afraid of the necessary because you begin to analyze every movement you do, and gradually forget about having fun, laugh and relax. How could you fully enjoy this trip? If you begin to feel bitter for life and you think the world is an unpleasant place to live you can try this simple exercise. Put apposite in your mirror that says “You’re alive, smile …!” Do not live attached to suffering looking at where you are going to damage next time. Every time you look in the mirror remember that it is you who is doing the things so complicated. Little a little of the weight you put on your back and try to look at life from a different perspective, simpler and clearer. Remember what is really important to you. Practicing it every day will make it a habit and you will feel that positive change in you. Sure you can still do something positive for yourself or others

6) Comparing with others

When you spend too much time and attention looking at what others have and you do not have, you can begin the descent down a path of excessive suffering and pain. Constantly comparing yourself with others can make you feel envious and bitter losing the focus of what is important to you. The next time you watch yourself doing this, take a piece of paper and pencil and write 5 positive things about yourself. This simple exercise can elevate your spirit and make you realize that you too are amazing. Being envious from time to time is human, but when it does, try to understand where those jealousies come from. Ask yourself what unleashes that emotion. Is it that that friend of yours has taken that certificate of the language that you wish to speak?, has gone to an astonishing trip? Did you just get a promotion at work? When you understand that it is exactly what you are jealous of, you will stop hating that person and you will be interested in how you have gotten to get those things in order to orient you to get what you want for your life.

7) To live constantly in the future

Making plans all the time thinking about what you next want to do can make you feel sad and dissatisfied. Living constantly in the next moment deprives you of living in the present, and does not allow you to fully enjoy what is happening to you right now. In doing this, you will never find joy because you will always expect the best to happen later. In this way you can end up as Adam Sandler in “Click”, that film in which when he becomes older he realizes that he is fed up with everything and that he had not lived his life with intensity. What we have to remember is that happiness can only be found in the present. Why do you want to lose this moment, this day, worrying about the future or regretting your past? Try to be aware of your present emotions, Experience your life now.

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