Women And Tobacco: Data From The Muldial Health Organization

Women And Tobacco: Data From The Muldial Health Organization

Recent study by the World Health Organization has released worrying figures and conclusions on smoking in women. In the following article we will share this information.

The study titled “10 data on gender and tobacco” reports that of the nearly 1000 million smokers in the world, 200 million are women. The figure indicates that 40% of men smoke, compared to 9% of women, although it is known that the consumption of tobacco in women rises dangerously in several countries of the world ” The tobacco industry strongly aims at women to Broaden its consumer base and replace those who stop smoking or die prematurely of cancer, heart attacks, stroke, pulmonary emphysema or other diseases related to smoking.” The truth is that an estimated 1.5 million women die each year from tobacco use. By 2030, this figure could rise to 2.5 million.

Adolescence and tobacco

According to the study, in many of the 151 countries evaluated, the number of adolescent women who smoked was the same as that of adolescent men. The Organization hopes that with state campaigns prohibiting tobacco use among minors, this figure will decrease.

Women And Tobacco: Data From The Muldial Health OrganizationReasons to smoke

One of the main reasons why women smoke is because they mistakenly believe that they can control their weight. Also the low self-esteem affects so that they smoke regularly. Among thousands, what should be kept in mind is that the reasons they have to light a cigarette are different in both sexes.


What worry the WHO most are the advertising strategies used by the tobacco industry to engage women in smoking. As the industry sees in them a market with increasing purchasing power (and also because few are smoking), they “exploit gender stereotypes and falsely link smoking with concepts of beauty, prestige and freedom.”

Cigarettes “light”

Another of the data reported in the report is that women smoke more cigarette type “light” (63% of women against 46% of men) because they believe that these types of cigarettes are more “safe”. The only certainty is that, thanks to this category, women end up smoking more to acquire the amount of nicotine content they need.

Health Consequences

Also, the way a cigarette has hurt is different in men and women. It is known that in them can cause sterility and problems to conceive. During pregnancy, smoking can cause premature delivery, death of the newborn and little production of breast milk. In addition, smoking increases the risk of cancer, such as the cervix.

Passive smokers

As for passive smokers, it is believed that 600,000 people die each year, 64% of them women. The study states that many women are at greater risk of dying by inhaling other people’s smoke than if they themselves started smoking. WHO is calling for people to have the right to demand smoke-free places, such as their own homes, workplaces and public places (more than 90% of the places studied do not have such standards).

Awareness Campaigns

As a final conclusion, WHO believes that awareness campaigns on the dangers of smoking should be included in maternal and child health and reproductive health services, taking into account illiterate women? “Clear images must be used to make those who cannot read understand the health risks associated with smoking.”

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